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How do I cache my stations onto my BlackBerry device?

Rome E.
posted this on January 7, 2013, 20:03

For 3.x and above of the Slacker Application for BlackBerry phones:

While a station is playing on your BlackBerry Phone, click on the menu button and choose "Cache Playing Station".

You can then refresh the cached stations by using OTA (Over the Air using Cellular Network) or WiFi.

To refresh via Wifi/OTA, press the menu button and choose "Refresh Cached Stations". This will take you to the Refresh Cached Stations screen. You can see the time of the last refresh, the status, and if you would like to start a new refresh you can do that by clicking on "Refresh Now". While refreshing, you can not listen to the music due to the amount of data that is needed to download. You will get a status bar showing the progress of the refresh.

Wifi is recommended due to the faster data rate. If you are connected to Wifi we will use Wifi over OTA.

*** USB Caching using older versions of the Slacker app is no longer available nor supported.

Downloading is not available on BlackBerry 10 Devices at this time:

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